Gobblers, The Vine 919, and Project 2031

Howdy Everyone!

Pegleg Media is thrilled to announce that we have been busy creating promotional videos for some wonderful new clients. This is a brief update for some of the videos that we’ve filmed and are currently in the editing phase:

Gobblers Burgers – This healthy & trend-setting burger joint is built around one of the leaner and most under-utilized proteins in the fast-food world, TURKEY! The goal is to start off as a food truck and eventually turn into a chain a la McDonalds and Chick-Fil-A. Instead of making our country more unhealthy, Gobblers wants to put something flavorful, filling, and HEALTHY on your menu! Instead of soft-drinks, they’ll be focused mainly on providing fresh-squeezed juices! Another goal is to bottle their own home-made sauces and distribute them to national grocery stores, so even if you can’t make it out to Gobblers restaurants, you can still get these same delicious flavors at home!

In the near future, Gobblers will be appearing on Kickstarter.com with a promotional video created by Pegleg Media in an effort to raise some capital in an effort get their project off the ground and into an eatery near you! We were lucky enough to serve as guinea pigs for a batch of burgers and they’re all we’ve been able to think about since! Delicious, light, and flavorful!
Here is a quick video clip of our interview with Gobblers:

The Vine 919 – Pegleg attended our first (and hopefully NOT last!) Vine 919 event on 9/22/12 to get some footage and interviews. The Vine 919 is a local non-profit spearheaded by Jacques Gilbert, an Apex, NC police captain. Jacques’ experience in law-enforcement has given him great insight into what the youth need to stay on the right path to successful adulthood.

Long term goals of The Vine 919 are to build a community center to give kids a place to go mainly between the hours that they are in school and when their parents get home from work. These are proven problem hours for teens and other young adults. Free-time and the wrong influences can lead anyone in the wrong direction, but The Vine 919 team has created a strong environment, where kids from all walks can come to feel welcome and give them a chance to stretch their skills and passions.

This month’s event was a skateboarding competition with beginner, intermediate, and advanced classes of competition. Held in Apex, NC, where there is no skate-park, The Vine 919 was able to pull together a smooth surface, a bunch of great ramps, a DJ, prizes, and some very skilled riders! It was a blast and we hope to do more work with The Vine 919 in the future.





Project 2031 – This is another non-profit organization, you could call it movement, that has a goal to bring a more fulfilling purpose and strength to Christian women of all ages and races. We have filmed the beginning of a series of inspirational videos calling Christian women to action. This is a GLOBAL movement, with large yet attainable aspirations. With Austine Rawllins leading the charge, Pegleg Media are firm believers that the sky is the limit!

We plan on working with Austine over the course of the next year and hopefully beyond. We will keep you updated as we do more things with Project 2031 and watch them grow.

In addition to these great clients, we’ve got a few more things on our plate (unfortunately, no more turkey burgers. We ate all of those…), but are always looking for new clients to assist and keep us busy as we finish off 2012 much stronger than we started! More updates to come soon!!!!


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